Friday, August 29, 2008

Provincetown 2008

Like a good NY Queer, I went with my friend JM to Provincetown last week on vacation. There's something to be said about getting out of the boogie-woogie of the oppressively humid City and heading to the tastes and smells of salt water and cool evening breezes. Strolling up and down Commercial Street is a joy of the senses. Be sure to visit Coffey Men, a boutique with original designs by the very talented men's fashion designer Scott Coffey. I picked up my very own Happy Dog t-shirt while I was there!

While in P-town, be sure to eat a meal or two at Cafe Heaven and slurp up some homemade ice cream at Lewis Brothers. If you find yourself floating toward the smell of marijuana, then you're near Spank the Monkey, which can satisfy all your incense-burning, 1960s fashion & accessories needs. They also have one of the largest sex toy shops I've ever seen. (On a related note, JM & I overheard a woman yelling to her teenaged son, "If you're going to Spank the Monkey, hurry up, because we only have 10 minutes!" JM's response: "No mother should ever be allowed to say that to her son.")

The last time I was in P-town was over 12 years ago with my ex, DFG. The gay-friendly culture was an eye-opening experience back then (so young, so naive), but this time around it was all about relaxation...and a bit of hedonism. Needless to say, I drank way too much, but I also danced my ass off at the Boatslip, Paramount, and Atlantic House, all of which was loads of fun. As a result, I'm now addicted to some of the dance remixes of music by Donna Summer and Rihanna.

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shermaniac said...

I kept looking for you, but in all the wrong places. Bill and I had a lovely long weekend in P-town (Thursday-Saturday before Labor Day). A bit of beach, too much shopping, very good clam chowder at Bayside Betsy's, the normal P-town stuff.