Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Brooklyn Industries

If you look at this image and wonder if what you think you see is what you see, rest assured you are seeing correctly. That's a pigeon and a rat embracing, with the moonlit New York skyline behind them. It's called "Love Vectors" and it's emblazoned on one of my new t-shirts that I bought at Brooklyn Industries. I love this shirt! Brooklyn Industries is a local clothing company started by two artists, Lexy Funk and Vahap Avsar (I swear I'm not making up their names). They started the company in the late 1990s after they began designing messenger bags out of recycled billboard signs. (You should be impressed by now.) Today they design everything in clothing, but their t-shirts are probably some of their best work and are famous throughout the City. I admit not everything they sell is to my taste; their designs run along the "hipster-organic-grunge" crowd. Still, they have great t-shirts and messenger bags. They're also a local company producing local goods, and it's good for the environment to support local companies, and now that we're officially in a recession, it's even better to support local companies like Brooklyn Industries. They have 9 stores in New York City and 1 in Chicago, plus an active online store, so check 'em out! Here's another one of their t-shirt designs modeled by bklynbiblio.

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