Saturday, May 16, 2009

MTA Revisited

Earlier in the week, New Yorkers received the official word on how the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's planned increases will affect us. You'll recall that I bitched about their planned radical increase in fees in a previous post ("MTA Aggravation"). That was almost two months ago now, and it's taken New York State and the MTA that long to get things together. The good news is that, as hoped, the fee increases aren't going to be as astronomically high as originally planned. A 30-day-unlimited pass is increasing from the current $81 to $89 effective June 28. That's certainly a heck of a lot better then the $103 they were previously expecting. Regular subway/bus rides are going to increase from $2 to $2.25 instead of $2.50. In short, these are nominal raises, but they are still increases. Some services are still being cut though, and we keep hearing every so often about some subway lines shutting down completely overnight (most cities like London and Paris do not run their subways after about 1am). You can read more about the details in The New York Times. I do have to admit in retrospect the "panic" from two months ago now seems like a ploy to make people angry so that the actual planned increases didn't seem so terrible. If that was their plan, it worked.

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