Friday, October 16, 2009

Library Bytes: My Librarian Hero

People design some of the silliest personality surveys on Facebook, like "What '90s song best describes you?" (I didn't take that one), or "What character from Dynasty are you?" (Alexis Carrington Colby, thank you very much). But I took a fun one last night: "Which movie librarian are you?" The result: Evelyn Carnahan (actress Rachel Weisz) from The Mummy (1999). The image above is from the scene when she knocks over all the bookcases in the British Library. According to the results of the survey: "You are a true scholar-librarian. You read Hieratic and catalog in ancient Greek, but you're game for a little adventure if there is a rare book to be found. You find the lost city of the dead, translate an ancient book to destroy the monster, save the world, and win the heart of the hunky treasure hunter." Now, doesn't that sound just like me?

The funniest thing about this is that ever since I saw the movie 10 years ago, I've always said that Evelyn was my librarian hero. She's a smart Egyptologist, she's got a sassy attitude, she kicks ass when she fights, and she gets to sleep with Rick O'Connell (actor Brendan Fraser)! What more could you ask for in life? For your entertainment pleasure, here's the trailer for the movie.

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