Saturday, March 5, 2011

Week-in-my-Life: Feb/Mar 2011 (Pt. 3)

THURSDAY 03/03/11

2:15am = insomnia! decaf tea and chocolate biscotti; watch episode of House that turns out to be more emotional than I expected.

7:15am = officially awake now. breakfast: scrambled eggs, English muffin, fruit, coffee. weather: ridiculously cold (yuck!).

8:00am = commence writing of section of dissertation chapter.

11:00am = break. go downstairs to get the mail, almost choke from worst smell ever in hallway, spray Febreze, but doesn't seem to help, wonder if something died in the wall. back to writing.

1:00pm = lunch: tuna sandwich.

4:00pm = phone call from RM about the Padre's health status past few days.

6:00pm = finish writing for day, shocked to discover 10 pages written. (yay!)

8:00pm = dinner: roasted pork chops with vegetables and stuffing; Netflix movie: The Social Network (good movie, but creeped me out about getting back on Facebook for a while).

FRIDAY 03/04/11

8:15am = wake up startled to discover I slept 9 hours and never moved. breakfast: oatmeal and last of the English muffins (finally!). weather: mild but cool, 40s.

10:30am = subway read: more of Potts (cover above). arrive at gym, cardio for hour+, realizing halfway through routine on elliptical I forgot to program it so have no idea how much I burned off, pretend it was a magical number like 444 calories.

12:15pm = lunch at Moonstruck: California wrap (chicken, avocado, etc.) with Greek salad.

1:00pm = at school for the afternoon half of the AHNCA Graduate Student Symposium (more on that later), I meet up with RL and other people I haven't seen in a while; Prof. Judy Sund tells Prof. Elizabeth Mansfield about my blog, pointing out that they purposely tortured me during my Oral Exam just to see what I would write about them (scandalous!).

4:30pm = post-symposium wine & cheese reception and networking (always important).

6:00pm = RL and I make a quick stop to Macy's so I can show him the suit I fell in love with, but alas they still don't have my size; oddly, RL keeps trying to get me to spend more money on clothes, but I resist. for now.

7:30pm = arrive home, odor in hallway is still atrocious, now convinced something died in the wall. dinner: chicken noodle soup and leftover pizza; Netflix movie: Paranormal 2 (not as good as the first one).

SATURDAY 03/05/11

6:45am = breakfast: scrambled egg & tomato sandwich on multi-grain bagel with lovely cuppa tea; back to bed for a quick catnap. weather: cool and cloudy, low 50s.

9:00am = catnap turns into longer delightful snooze. pay bills. food shopping, once again shocked how one comes home $60 poorer with only 2 bags of groceries to show for it.

10:00am = start editing dissertation text from Thu, realizing within a few short hours I'm surrounded by falling towers of books.

11:15am = break to get mail, discover odor in hallway has almost dissipated, but now smells like patchouli, so obviously something died.

1:00pm = lunch: tuna & Swiss cheese sandwich.

2:45pm = break, look down at calendar, realize sheepishly I've forgotten everyone's birthdays this week!

4:00pm = finish writing, feeling pretty good about it, discovered I added another page & 1/2 of text (yay!).

4:30pm = texting with AR about evening, jealous he's getting a pedicure.

5:00pm = pleasant 30-minute catnap on the couch, followed by snack.

7:00pm = heading out to Chelsea for dinner & movie (The Adjustment Bureau) with AR. looking forward to brunch with the RL+DGs on Sunday!

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