Monday, April 16, 2012

CAA 2013 in NYC

Although the College Art Association's 100th conference just met in Los Angeles in February (at which you will recall I presented a paper), the call for papers for the 2013 conference has gone out. The 101st conference will be back here in NYC. I'm not proposing anything this time, as I have too much going on already, but I'm rather pleased by the wide array of topics. In browsing through the panel sessions, a few piqued my interest, some because of content/subject matter, others because I know the individuals coordinating the sessions.
** For the blogger in me who writes about art and art history, 2 really interesting sessions: "Art Criticism: Taking a Pulse" (chaired by Holland Cotter from The New York Times) and "The Work of Art Criticism in the Age of E-zines and Blogging"
** "The Proof is in the Print: Avant-Garde Approaches to the Historical Materials of Photography's Avant-Garde" (1910-39 photographic techniques)
** "Local Modernisms" (altering the canonical approach that modernism was disseminated from Europe to the world, to suggest instead modernism as a synchronous global phenomenon; chaired by the always interesting Geoffrey Batchen)
** "Bad Boys, Hussies, and Villains" (placing anyone from Caligula [image: Metropolitan Museum of Art] to Silvio Berlusconi at the heart of Italian political visual culture)
** "Color Adjustment: Revisiting Identity Politics of the 1990s" (race/gender/sexuality in the '90s)
** "Parallel Lines Converging: Art, Design, and Fashion Histories" (intersections of these often marginalized disciplines; chaired by the astute Victorianist Julie Codell)
** "Myth and Modernism: New Perspectives on the 1913 Armory Show" (rethinking the famous 1913 exhibition in NYC that arguably introduced modernism to America)
** "Mad 'Men' and the Visual Culture of the Long Sixties" (Mad Men masculinity/feminism infiltrating art historical discourse)
** "Sexing Sculpture: New Approaches to Theorizing the Object" (gender/sexuality and modern/contemporary sculptural practice)
** "For and Against Homoeroticism: Artists, Authors, and the Love that Dare Not Speak Its Name" (19th- & 20th-century ideas about homoerotic desire and homophobia; chaired by Jongwoo Jeremy Kim and Christopher Reed, both of whom I've presented with in the past)
** "Harems Imagined and Real" (eroticization of the harem in Orientalist art)
** "Reconsidering Murals: New Methodologies" (on mural paintings in American public buildings during the late 19th century; chaired by the always engaging Sally Webster)


pranogajec said...

Interesting that most of the panels you mention are 20th century. I'm always worried you're teetering on the brink!

bklynbiblio said...

Hadn't realized that one. What can I in NYC, it's inevitable one teeters on the 20th century!