Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday!

Happy Birthday, bklynbiblio, Happy Birthday to you! Exactly 1 year ago this blog was born, and as of today’s birthday, this makes 155 posts. If you browse the subject tags for the posts (all of which you can see on the bottom of the blog itself at you’ll discover that the top 3 tags are: “reviews” (29); “New York” (28); and “gay” (21). No real surprise I guess, as those things do seem to define bklynbiblio. Reviews have covered things like exhibitions and books. New York has encompassed my photography to cultural discussions about the City. And of course gay just crosses all boundaries. Here’s to another year!


Ted Fisher said...

Happy 1st!


Stephanie Race said...

Happy happy! I so enjoy reading this. The content is always fascinating and your writing style is, of course, wonderful. CONGRATS!!