Saturday, December 19, 2009

First Snowfall & Snowstorm: 2009-2010 Winter

A few minutes before 1pm today, I was walking to the laundromat when I noticed the first snowflakes of the season falling from the sky. In the suburbs they've had snow already, but this is our first snowfall for the season. The weathermen had been predicting that NYC was going to get a full snowstorm this weekend, which I think is always exciting because, for just a brief time, the City looks like it's covered in a beautiful, soft white blanket and becomes tranquil and still. Most of the afternoon, the snow was very light, so I didn't think much of it. I spent the evening drinking tea and watching the exciting new episode of Doctor Who (The Waters of Mars) on BBC America. When it was over, I figured I would shovel off our front stoop and sidewalk. Imagine my surprise when I saw that we had accumulated over 5 inches already and the snow was coming down quite heavily! (Yes, when you live in a brownstone without a superintendent, you have to do things like shovel your own walkway.) The picture you see above is a shot from the top of the stoop that I took with my digital camera about 10:30pm. The amber color is quite accurate; the streetlamps reflect off the snow and illuminate the sky with this lovely golden hue. But if you really want to get a sense of how hard the snow is coming down, check out the picture below, which is the same view but with the flash on. I'll have quite a bit of shoveling to do in the morning, I have no doubt! I only hope the airports will be back on track for when I fly on Monday morning (which, oddly enough, I was worried about last year too because it snowed right before I was leaving town).


carolyn said...

We have heavy snow in Yorkshire too!

Sherman Clarke said...

Boy, three entries in a row to comment on: I'm jealous of your snowfall; we only got a dusting overnight and today the sun is out as much as it's been for several days. I just ordered the Waters book; I've read several of her books and found them most enjoyable. I forwarded your recommendation of "Neverwas" to my sister who struggles with bipolarity and she was very excited about the prospect of watching the movie. Thanks! And I hope your trip "home" for Christmas is easy and lovely. Have a good time with your family and friends.

James said...

Nice camera-work Roberto!