Monday, January 4, 2010

Review: DW: The End of Time

New Year's: a time for endings and beginnings. This past Saturday, I was glued to my television watching the last two episodes of Doctor Who with David Tennant. It's so sad to see him going. He was undoubtedly the best Doctor ever. His charisma, brilliance, and good looking nerdiness made him absolutely charming in his neverending journey to save the universe. John Simm as The Master was frighteningly good in this episode as well. Although, all that said, I still find myself thinking that the episode wasn't as good as I would have hoped. I don't want to say I was disappointed, but I was confused at times by the storyline and maybe I was looking for a little more emotional punch. I think the biggest problem was being interrupted every 7 minutes with commercials, which was seriously annoying, so I will have to rewatch it on DVD when it's released next month. And it was emotional at times. With the entire television audience knowing he would die and regenerate at the end, it was not so much the ending as much as how we got there that counted. The round of farewells was well done (yay for The Doctor matchmaking Captain Jack with cutie sailor-boy Alonso!), but when Doctor David muttered "I don't want to go!" just before regenerating, it did tug at my heart a bit. (All right, yes, I am a sap for sentimentality, but only when it's over someone whom I really like.) Who knows what's going to happen when the new episodes return this year with Matt Smith. I'll try not to pass judgment before watching them. But it's hard. We want Doctor David back. Doctor Matt will have big shoes to fill.

In the spirit of endings and new beginnings, Happy New Year! I'm writing this post from a computer at school, since I'm still waiting for my new computer to arrive.

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