Sunday, January 17, 2010

Week-in-my-Life: Jan 2010 (Pt. 3)

(Concluding the week, with some observations at the end...)

FRIDAY 01/15/10

10am = haircut at local salon, Chic Elegance, which the ladies in there all pronounce in loud, Brooklyn accents as "SHEEK!"

10:30am = head to school to do more studying

1:30pm = lunch with KB at school, during which we bitch and moan about how much studying we're doing

3:45pm = head to the gym, sadly no cute guys in the locker room; burn off 556 calories using rowing machine, elliptical, and treadmill

5:45pm = on F train home, reading more of Crow, deciding to eat healthy dinner tonight

6:20pm = walking home, call Padre, concerned still have not heard from him

6:30pm = pleasant surprise waiting for me at home: belated Christmas card with note from Mezza-Sorella #1 in Italy, glad to know she wants to maintain communication with me

6:45pm = succumb to temptation of unhealthy dinner after having passed deli on the way home: roast beef & cheddar sandwich and chips, and Ben & Jerry's chocolate fudge brownie ice cream; amazingly, feel no guilt whatsoever

7:30pm = Netflix movie: 9, post-apocalyptic animated feature (3 stars)

9:25pm = realize Padre called me back at some point and left voicemail, never heard the phone, much relieved to know all is okay

SATURDAY 01/16/10

7:30am = call Padre while heading to bagel shop, overall things are good, tell him about card from Mezza-Sorella, discover names and relationships can get slippery

8am = breakfast: whole wheat everything bagel with cream cheese & tomato slices and French Vanilla coffee; update Facebook status about breakfast, and once again prove that food postings always generate the most comments

9am = call the Uncle for a chat

11am = settle down on the couch to read more of Crow, finish first 1/3 of book, still amazed by his writing style and ideas

12:30pm = lunch: leftover Chinese food

3pm = enjoy the guilty pleasure of afternoon nap

5pm = leave for Gay Boys Night Out in Chelsea

6:15pm = movie theater with DC & YU to see The Young Victoria, brilliant film (5 stars!)

8:30pm = dinner with DC, YU, JM, & AR at Raffaella's, eat Raffaella Crepe (grilled chicken, artichokes, spinach, sundried tomatoes, swiss cheese) with side salad

10pm = drinks at Barracuda's, packed with Chelsea queer BYTs (Bright Young Things) who go crazy over Beyonce and Lady Gaga, couldn't resist tapping my toes, suddenly we all want to go dancing, but realize sometime after midnight that we're old and exhausted, so we all head home

2am = in bed fast asleep with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head

Observations about the week: (1) highlight has to be almost getting hit by the car with the Jesus stickers, but people who've emailed me seem most intrigued by my food choices---what is it with food?!; (2) the interplay of high points and low points make me realize that's life; and (3) I'm really busy with school-related things, but I seriously need to make more time for a social life, if you know what I mean.

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