Friday, May 18, 2012

MWA III: Meera's Capriccio

On Tuesday, May 22, I'll be at the opening reception for my friend Meera Thompson, who has an exhibition of her work at Atlantic Gallery. The beautiful triptych above, Capriccio, is the focal point of the show, so I thought I would make that May's Monthly Work of Art. bklynbiblio readers will recall that I reviewed her last show in 2010, so go there to read my thoughts on her work. Stay tuned to this blog, however, as Meera and I have something in the works with another colleague that, if all goes according to plan, we will be announcing more about next month. In the meantime, here's Meera on the above painting:

"In music a capriccio is a piece that in performance is lively and free. And in the visual arts the term capriccio can be used to describe a picture that suggests an imaginary place. I call this group of paintings Capriccio because the word refers both to the way I paint and what I paint. I believe that when we scan the horizon we are searching for a sense of possibility. Our eyes play along lines that belong more to our desire to dream than to our ability to be objective. It is an experience that takes us beyond the boundaries of here and now. While the horizon might be tangible when it is framed in a picture, in essence it is the stuff of fantasy. When I paint I use the horizon as an avenue into abstraction."

If you're in NYC and free Tuesday evening, swing by the Atlantic Gallery (135 W. 29th St., Suite 601) from 5-8pm for the opening reception.

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