Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy Arriving

Although it seems like southern New Jersey near Atlantic City may get hit with the eye of the hurricane, we're all feeling the brunt of his huge storm (image: NASA). The wind gusts have been increasing and the rain, though not severe, has been steady. The worst of it is supposed to start this evening and into tonight. The biggest fear seems to be flooding for all coastal areas, as later the high tide with the full moon is going to make the onrush of waves even more severe. On the latest news report, I heard winds were sustained at 90mph and there were recorded gusts of up to 70mph at JFK already. The wind has already toppled a crane on top of the new tallest residential building at 57th Street & 6th Avenue. The crane is dangling off the building, so they're in the process of evacuating that neighborhood right now. My friends and I are all as prepared as we can be, waiting it out in our own homes. I'm grading papers this afternoon, although we have received word that classes have been canceled for tomorrow, which makes sense since there is no word yet as to when the MTA will be reopening the subways and starting bus service again. I'm also pigging out on a cinnamon streusel cake I made Saturday night...having now devoured 2/3rds of it. Hopefully the power won't go off, but you never know. We will see what happens...

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