Thursday, August 22, 2013


With everything the past few months a big whirlwind for me, between a new job and a new apartment, I haven't had time to blog too much. I'm sure that will change soon, however, as I'm off on another great adventure: San Francisco! You may recall I was last in California (Los Angeles specifically) in February 2012, and about this time of the year I've been known to run off to Provincetown. But this year my friends and I decided to traverse to the West coast. It will be my first time in San Francisco, so I'm thrilled to be going, and we do have plans to go to Sonoma one night and partake of wine tasting opportunities. Hopefully I will recap highlights from the trip when I return. I wonder though...will I leave my heart in San Francisco? Tony Bennett did so, and he sang that song on Judy Garland's variety show back in the 1960s. Here's the delightful video of that crooner, or you can see it on YouTube by clicking here.

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