Saturday, February 7, 2009

Torchwood Season 3...Coming Soon!

Give me a show with time travel, fast-paced action, strong writing, buff and sexy stars (preferably with British accents), throw in some humor, an alien or two, heavy petting, and I'm sold! I love Torchwood, the BBC show that is a spin-off from Doctor Who (another favorite of mine, as readers of this blog know). The show often does tap into serious philosophical, ethical, and psychological issues, tackling everything from death to human rights (well, alien rights?), but it's also fun sci-fi escapism. The premise is that in the late 19th-century, Queen Victoria established the Torchwood Institute to protect the British Empire from alien invasions. There's a long history that you can read about on Wikipedia's Torchwood entry. The show stars John Barrowman as the gay/bisexual Captain Jack Harkness (pictured in the center), who is buff, charismatic, snarky, and, if I remember correctly, from the 51st century (only on British television could you have a gay superhero from the future). Oh, yes, and he's also immortal, although not by his choice (we can blame Rose from Doctor Who for that...but I digress). Capt. Jack now leads the Cardiff branch of Torchwood with a few colleagues. Season 3 will be a mini-season of 5 episodes entitled "Children of Earth." It is supposed to premiere sometime this year on BBC and BBC-America. I can't wait! Here's the just-released trailer for the new season. Note the hot smooch between Capt. Jack and Ianto Jones...yum!

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