Monday, February 23, 2009

Coming Soon: Interviews!

I'm pleased to announce that in the next couple of days I will be posting my first interview with someone. I intend to make interviews a recurring, albeit irregular, feature of bklynbiblio. Like this blog itself, my subjects will come from the worlds of the arts, libraries, pets, queer culture, whatever. I hope to bring you insight into the workings of photographers, art historians, writers, and so on, to help in educating others about the arts and culture, and to help in the promotion of the work of these individuals. While in the beginning most of the interviews will be of people I know in one way or another, I hope eventually to publish interviews with people I don't know, which will make for an even more exciting learning experience for me as well. And if you're wondering about the picture above, am I thinking of myself as another James Lipton-like Inside the Actors Studio interviewer? Maybe! Why not? Although I think it may take a while before I can get someone like Al Pacino to respond to my questions.

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