Saturday, April 17, 2010

DW: The Eleventh Hour

If I hadn't been so focused on studying for Orals this weekend, I probably would have succumbed to the temptation of watching the Doctor Who marathon today on BBC America. It was all part of the hype for the much-anticipated 9pm premiere of the new season with Matt Smith as the regenerated Doctor and Karen Gillan as his new companion Amy Pond. As bklynbiblio readers know, I'm a bit of a Doctor Who fanatic, and I was among those crushed by David Tennant's departure as the 10th Doctor (and by crushed I also mean my crush on Tennant himself). When I first heard about Matt Smith, I was uncertain what to expect. Gillan and he seem so young to me, I was convinced the producers were aiming for a new target audience that, alas, I was now passed in age. All that said, of course I sat down and watched the premiere episode tonight, and I was not disappointed. It had all the fast-paced action and quick wit that we've come to expect from the show. The producers have done a great job reinventing things a bit. Not only does the 11th Doctor have a nerdier academic wardrobe (bowties and suspenders!), but the TARDIS regenerated too and has a whole new look. Like Smith's Doctor, the TARDIS now has retro-flair, a 1950s futuristic gloss that I think will work well as a contrast to the previous, more biomorphic TARDIS. I admit it's going to be a challenge to get used to Smith as The Doctor, but I like feisty Amy Pond, so it should be an adventurous season. Sneak-peaks are showing the Daleks and the Weeping Angels will be making comebacks, so we're in for some exciting sci-fi TV!

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