Saturday, June 19, 2010

DW meets VVG

I love it when my disparate areas of interest converge. When it comes to Doctor Who, this does happen on occasion. For instance, in the episode "Tooth and Claw," Doctor David and Rose go back to 19th-century England and have an adventure with Queen Victoria and werewolf-like aliens, during which Rose keeps trying to get the queen to say "We are not amused!", and HRH eventually establishes the Torchwood Institute for the protection of the British Empire from alien attacks. In the next new episode of the show, however, Doctor Matt and Amy head to 1889 Provence in which they meet Vincent van Gogh (whom, I might add, has never looked so beefy!). The artist is being hounded by an invisible monster-like alien. I must say, it's an interesting idea: it certainly offers us another explanation as to whether he was mentally unstable or not. The image you see above is a digital adaptation of van Gogh's famous painting (from the Museum of Modern Art) in which Terry Lightfoot has added in the upper right corner near the moon the Doctor's TARDIS (i.e. his time travel spaceship in the shape of a blue police box). The strange thing about all of this is that last year SVH actually sent me a magnet with the exact same image, although on the magnet the TARDIS is more in the center and larger. I cannot for the life of me find the magnet anywhere on the Internet, so I now suspect she traveled to the future and brought one back, probably in anticipation of this storyline. The episode aired on June 5 in the UK, but Americans will see its premiere next week. Alas, I'll have to wait even longer, but for a good reason. NV from Miami Beach will be staying with me while we celebrate NYC Gay Pride with friends.

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