Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Week-in-my-Life: Feb/Mar 2011 (Pt. 2)

MONDAY 02/28/11

4:00am = wake up at ungodly hour but decide to have breakfast: English muffin. fall back to sleep. weather: horrible rainy day, extremely grateful bought Tote umbrella day before.

8:00am = subway reading: Potts, chapter five, "Ideal Bodies."

9:00am = arrive at work, starving so snack on mini bran muffin and large cuppa tea.

12:30pm = lunch with MLS intern CW, who's working on a project for me; roast beef & cheddar sandwich on multigrain bread with Sun Chips.

3:45pm = surprise phone call from RL who's back from Costa Rica.

7:00pm = dinner: turkey pot pie and salad, watch episode of CSI: Miami about corrupt psychics.

8:00pm = read Padiyar, chapter two, "Inheriting Greek Eros: Anacreontism and Homosexual Desire."

TUESDAY 03/01/11

6:30am = breakfast: Golden Grahams cereal and 1/2 English muffin with cashew nut butter & blackberry preserves. weather: sunny, upper 40s (yay!).

9:00am = amazed at work on time for second day in row.

10:00am = email co-workers for advice: how should we catalog for our visual history database a digital image of a negative photographed in 1942 by American artist Charles Scheeler (1883-1965) of the facade of the museum (see above!), when it turns out the image also is a 1982 photographic print that is an accessioned object owned by the Photographs Department?

11:00am = meeting...followed by another meeting.

12:30pm = lunch: 1/2 chicken sandwich and small salad.

2:00pm = wearing my brand-spankin'-new navy blazer and a tie, give presentation with my co-worker CD and boss AG to a select group of V.I.P.s about our new Visual History Project (roaring success! crowd goes wild!).

5:45pm = on way to subway, surprise phone call from Padre, lots of bantering back and forth in Italian and English.

6:15pm = pick up interlibrary loan book from school: Grant F. Scott, Joseph Severn: Letters and Memoirs (2005); review at home for Gibson references.

8:00pm = dinner: eggs and English muffin with fruit salad and Greek yogurt; watch first 2 episodes from Season 3 of Upstairs, Downstairs, including shocking twist involving Lady Marjorie and the Titanic!

WEDNESDAY 03/02/11

8:00am = slept through alarm ("accidentally"); breakfast: 1/2 English muffin and blueberry yogurt. weather: cool but sunny, reaching mid-40s.

9:00am = subway reading: Potts, chapter six, "Freedom and Desire."

11:00am = meeting (for 2 hours! ugh!).

1:00pm = lunch: baked tilapia, potatoes, green beans.

2:00pm = meeting, during which we resolve the Scheeler image dilemma (who knew he worked for the museum in the early 1940s?).

4:00pm = desperate for cuppa tea, have a lovely Earl Grey and sneak in a pudding parfait too.

6:00pm = subway reading: call for papers for the 2012 College Art Association conference in Los Angeles.

7:30pm = dinner: pizza and salad; watch more of Upstairs, Downstairs.

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