Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Cherry Trees Return

If you were waiting for my post on Belgium, you will have to wait another day or so. I decided for my first day back in NYC, some more leisure time was in order. After breakfast with RL and a subway ride into the City to run an errand, I made a trip this afternoon to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden for Hanami, the Japanese tradition of viewing cherry blossom trees, symbols of rebirth celebrating the return of Spring. Considering the recent tragic events in Japan, it seems even more appropriate this year to remember their cultural tradition. It gives me hope that, not unlike the return of the cherry blossoms, the Japanese people will recover. It was absolutely beautiful today, with the sun shining in a clear blue sky and the weather reaching into the 60s. You will recall that I posted about a similar event two years ago and shared a couple of pictures from when I visited then. It's still early in the season for Hanami so not everything is in bloom, but these pictures show you that it was nevertheless a rewarding experience simply to meander among the blossoms and absorb the joy that is nature. In case you're wondering, the delightful little purple flowers in the one close-up shot are periwinkles and hyacinths.

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