Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene Arrives

From 5 until 10am, the worst of Hurricane Irene is supposed to be hitting us. I was awakened about 4:50am with some heavy rain, so I ate a little breakfast (hard-boiled egg, whole wheat toast with tahini butter & black cherry preserves, and of course a cuppa tea) and watched more of the news. So far, I haven't lost power (but I couldn't resist lighting one of my Santeria candles last night just for some ambiance). The expected landfall for the eye is supposed to be around the border between Brooklyn/Queens and Nassau County in Long Island, but of course anything could happen still, and the storm is so wide-spread we're all feeling the affects of it. The storm surge and potential flooding is what the newscasters are most worried about, and we'll know more in a few hours as to how bad it is. The subway system probably won't be completely running again by tomorrow morning, although the one consolation is that it is supposed to be beautiful weather. (Image: The Weather Channel)

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