Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Last summer when I went on vacation to San Francisco, I had managed to cross of my list one of the two major U.S. cities that I had been wanting to visit in my lifetime. This week I get to cross of the second one: Chicago! AA & I will be traversing his former stomping grounds and favorite hot spots and meeting up with his friends. I told him the Art Institute of Chicago is on my list and everything else is up for grabs. He's planned dinner at Frontera Grill for one night, and we are going on the Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise another day. And of course...fireworks for 4th of July over Lake Michigan! I'm really excited, in case you couldn't tell. I'm sure I'll have more to report sometime after I return... Happy Independence Day!

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Sherman Clarke said...

I was stunned that you hadn't been to Chicago before. Hope your trip is wonderful. We all have our favorite periods and works of art but I always have to visit the Mater Dolorosa by Dirk Bouts (workshop, they say, these days) when I'm at the AIC.