Monday, September 1, 2008

Emergency Pet Preparedness

If you Google "pets gustav" you'll quickly discover many news articles that talk about how local evacuation teams helped prepare pets so that they could travel with their owners who were forced to evacuate because of Hurricane Gustav. I cannot express how happy I was to hear this. During Hurricane Katrina, when I saw the news about the lack of preparation and consideration for pets and animals at that time, it absolutely broke my heart. Pets are family members too, and they must be taken care of as well. The thought that I would ever be forced to separate from my pet for an evacuation is something I never want to endure, so I cheer all the politicians who made this new mandate happen.

In the spirit of protecting those animal companions who make our lives complete, I thought I would share the ASPCA's Emergency Pet Preparedness website. They offer great tips and helpful advice not just for dogs and cats, but birds and other small animals as well. There's even a link for ordering the Free Pet Rescue Sticker below.

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