Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Breathing Places

I must credit Andy at Towleroad blog for bringing this post to my attention. The BBC has a program called "Breathing Places" that encourages citizens to help wildlife find places for them to survive and thrive. As more of the world gets swallowed up by concrete and construction, it is nature that is suffering. I have vivid memories of living in Florida and thinking it seemed ridiculous how companies kept building new housing developments in the Everglades, and then people living there would complain about the alligators in their backyards and the mosquitoes in the air. Animals need a place to live too!! So check out the BBC's website for "Breathing Places" to find out more, including helpful hints for providing space for wildlife. And in celebration of the upcoming holidays, check out this video from the animals themselves, who tell us that they need our help, because all they want for Christmas is some place to breathe. (Note: this video is hypnotically bizarre the first time you see it, but put it in the context of the BBC's program, and watch it again, and hopefully you'll be grinning like I was at the end.)

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